Accessibility Guide, Marquette County, MI

Explore the latest updates on accessibility info for hotels, businesses, recreation areas, and restaurants in Marquette County, MI.

Travel Marquette teamed up with SAIL (Superior Alliance for Independent Living) to create a guide for accessibility listings of hotels, businesses, recreation sites, and restaurants. SAIL representatives completed assessment sheets for each business listed. Entire sheets are available for more in-depth information at Travel Marquette’s front desk. Visitors can also call 906.228.7749 or toll-free 800.544.4321.


SAIL Accessibility Guide

A guide for accessibility listings of hotels, businesses, recreation sites, & restaurants. View Guide

A Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Marquette

Cory Lee shares some of the best accessible places & things to see & do in the city. View Guide

Recommended trails for all-terrain wheelchairs

  • The Iron Ore Heritage Trail at Jackson Mine Park or any of the IOHT. The trails are paved or have tight-packed gravel. 

  • Presque Isle Park - Non-driving hours Saturday & Sunday 7 am - 10 am. 

  • NTN North Trails - Wright Street and CR550/Hawley Street. Trails are mostly flat, with slight inclines or declines. Trail consists of mostly packed dirt, with some packed gravel. The trails as a whole on the CR550/Hawley St side, are wider trails than the Wright St side (Single Track Trails). Wright St to the Sand pit is a great trail that is wide (old service road) with views of trees and the Dead River. 

  • Little Presque Isle Rec Area - Flat-packed dirt trail to the beach. View the island, Little Presque Isle, from the top of a small sandy bluff about 4-6 ft tall. 

  • Thomas Rock Scenic Overlook - Accessible Trail that is roughly 800 ft (.15 mi) of packed trail to the top of Thomas Rock with excellent views of Lake Superior, rolling hills aka the "Huron Mountains," Fall Colors, Lake Independence, Big Bay and beyond! 


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